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Summary A php script for monitoring server status.
Category design
License GNU General Public License
Owner(s) cronos


The goal of the servmon project is to create a web interface that allows remote monitoring of servers status and processes.

This code has been tested with Linux, FreeBSD and OpenBSD. Soon will be ported to NetBSD.

At this moment it will check for:
  • System Information
  • Active Ports
  • Memory Information
  • Partition Information
  • Interface Information
  • vmstat
  • PS

PHP 4.2.2 is used as core language.

If you just installed servmon.php you should be able to see it here
Check these links for a servmon.php demo: Linux and FreeBSD.

This software is available via CVS from servmon.tigris.org.

Future project goals are:
  • NetBSD Port
  • Multi User Language Interface

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